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Statute IV: Rank System and Display

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:35 pm

STATUTE IV: Rank System and Motto Display

SECTION I. Rank Progression
Subsection A. Commissioned Officers

GradeRankMotto Abbreviation
O9Lieutenant GeneralLt-Gen
O8Major GeneralMaj-Gen
O5Lieutenant ColonelLt-Col
O2First Lieutenant1-Lt
O1Second Lieutenant2-Lt
Subsection B. Cadet, Non-Commissioned Officer and Enlisted

GradeRankMotto Abbreviation
Enlisted and Non-Commissioned Officer are classified into different Rank Groups: Enlisted group for E1-E4, Junior Non-Commissioned Officer (JNCO) for E5-E7, Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) for E8-E10, and SNCO Command for E10C. A E10C is a superior to a E10 only in their own respective battalion.

The JNCO+ has Rank Grade (I-III) promotion system where the Pay Grade promotion is based on it. Rank superiority does not apply on Rank Grade, it is only to indicating the time in grade before they can be promoted to the next Pay Grade. For example: a Sergeant Major Grade II is not overranking a Sergeant Major Grade I, in fact they are equal in their Pay Grade scale. The Rank Grade system is displayed in personnel's Grade Insignia on the motto.
Rank GroupPay GradeRank GradeRankAbbreviationGrade Insigina example
SNCO CommandE10CN/ACommand Sergeant MajorCSMN/A
SNCOE10IIISergeant Major Grade IIISgt-Maj(GAR) Sgt-Maj/82nd. III
IISergeant Major Grade IISgt-Maj(GAR) Sgt-Maj/82nd. II
ISergeant Major Grade ISgt-Maj(GAR) Sgt-Maj/82nd. I
E9IIIMaster Sergeant Grade IIIM-Sgt(GAR) M-Sgt/82nd. III
IIMaster Sergeant Grade IIM-Sgt(GAR) M-Sgt/82nd. II
IMaster Sergeant Grade IM-Sgt(GAR) M-Sgt/82nd. I
E8IIISergeant First Class Grade IIISfc(GAR) SFC/82nd. III
IISergeant First Class Grade IISfc(GAR) Sfc/82nd. II
ISergeant First Class Grade ISfc(GAR) Sfc/82nd. I
JNCOE7IIIStaff Sergeant Grade IIISSgt(GAR) SSgt/82nd. III
IIStaff Sergeant Grade IISSgt(GAR) SSgt/82nd. II
IStaff Sergeant Grade ISSgt(GAR) SSgt/82nd. I
E6IIISergeant Grade IIISgt(GAR) Sgt/82nd. III
IISergeant Grade IISgt(GAR) Sgt/82nd. II
ISergeant Grade ISgt(GAR) Sgt/82nd. I
E5IIICorporal Grade IIICpl(GAR) Cpl/82nd. III
IICorporal Grade IICpl(GAR) Cpl/82nd. II
ICorporal Grade ICpl(GAR) Cpl/82nd. I
E3N/APrivate First ClassPfcN/A
Subsection D. Selectee Ranks
The 82nd Battalion may authorise transfer into the Grand Army of the Republic, transfers are assigned a selectee rank until 82nd command designates their final rank based on experience and performance. Transfers may only be assigned a selectee rank and may only be given their final rank by the CO/XO 82nd, or on the authority of Republic High Command. JNCO-Sel is the equivalent of E5; SNCO-Sel is the equivalent of E8; CO-Sel is the equivalent of O1. While undergoing selectee evaluation, personnel are not permitted to join a battalion or promote/demote/discharge other personnel.

SECTION II. Mandates for Motto Display
All personnel will display their Habbo motto while on GAR premises or while officially representing the Grand Army of the Republic according to the following model:
Option A: Command position
(GAR) Rank, Position.
Example: (GAR) Col, CO 1st.
Option B: Regular battalion member OR no office
(GAR) Rank/BattalionĀ OR (GAR) Rank
Example: (GAR) Sgt/82nd. III
Example: (GAR) Pfc
All commissioned officers are permitted to use the full name of their rank rather than the abbreviation; however, they are not required to do so. All NCO, and Enlisted personnel may only use the motto abbreviation.

SECTION III. Promotional Authority and Procedure
All personnel with the ability to promote other personnel must adhere to the following guidelines when doing so:

  • Apply no personal bias to the promotion decision.
  • Ensure the individual has not been demoted within the last 5 days.
  • Ensure the individual has not been promoted within the last 24 hours (except for enlisted E1-E4); officers should not be promoted within a strict minimum of 3 weeks of their last promotion.
  • Ensure the individual is truly deserving of a promotion based off of their work ethic and performance, rather than solely on time spent in grade.
  • Inform the individual they have been promoted and post it properly on the personnel tracking system.

The limiting rank to which personnel may promote/demote/discharge is based on both rank and command level. Officers O1+ may only demote or discharge personnel within their maximum promotion limit per Statute II guidelines. The following maximum promotion limits apply:

GradeRankPromotion Limit
O10GeneralNo limit
O9Lieutenant GeneralO6
O8Major GeneralO5
O7Brigadier GeneralO4
O5Lieutenant ColonelO2
O4MajorSergeant Major Grade III
O3CaptainSergeant Major Grade II
O2First LieutenantSergeant Major Grade I
O1Second LieutenantMaster Sergeant Grade III
OCOfficer CadetMaster Sergeant Grade II
E10CCommand Sergeant MajorMaster Sergeant Grade I
E10 Grade IIISergeant Major Grade IIISergeant First Class Grade III
E10 Grade IISergeant Major Grade IISergeant First Class Grade II
E10 Grade ISergeant Major Grade ISergeant First Class Grade I
E9 Grade IIIMaster Sergeant Grade IIIIStaff Sergeant Grade III
E9 Grade IIMaster Sergeant Grade IIStaff Sergeant Grade II
E9 Grade IMaster Sergeant Grade IStaff Sergeant Grade I
E8 Grade IIISergeant First Class Grade IIISergeant Grade III
E8 Grade IISergeant First Class Grade IISergeant Grade II
E8 Grade ISergeant First Class Grade ISergeant Grade I

SECTION IV. Criteria for Promotion
The Grand Army of the Republics operates on a time in grade (TiG) system to denote when personnel are eligible to be promoted. TiG is measured in days from the date of an individual's last promotion, or in the case of E1/PVT, an individual's join date. TiG serves to ensure that personnel develop adequately at their current rank, and grow the leadership skills and knowledge they need to succeed properly at higher ranks. As such, it may not be bypassed except with the authorization of an RHC member. Reaching TiG does not guarantee a promotion; rather, it signals that an individual is ready to be promoted given that they are performing well in their battalion, in HQ, etc.

Enlisted personnel operate on a slightly different system that allows them to accelerate themselves into NCO ranks if they show the initiative and activity to complete RAC trainings.

The TiG table below denotes the minimum time in grade in days for each rank to be eligible for promotion to the next rank. For example, if you are an E9 Grade III (MSG Grade III), you must serve 10 days in grade before being eligible for your next promotion to E10 Grade I.

Pay GradeRank GradeMinimum TiG
O9N/AM-Cdr discretion
O8N/AM-Cdr discretion
O7N/AM-Cdr discretion
O6N/ARHC discretion
O5N/ARHC discretion
O4N/ARHC discretion
O3N/A30 days
O2N/A28 days
O1N/A26 days
OCN/A14 days
E10CN/ARBC discretion
E10Grade III12 days
E10Grade II11 days
E10Grade I10 days
E9Grade III10 days
E9Grade II9 days
E9Grade I9 days
E8Grade III7 days
E8Grade II6 days
E8Grade I6 days
E7Grade III6 days
E7Grade II4 days
E7Grade I4 days
E6Grade III4 days
E6Grade II4 days
E6Grade I4 days
E5Grade III4 days
E5Grade II4 days
E5Grade I4 days
E4N/A3 days
E3N/A3 days
In addition to TiG, personnel are also required to have gained a baseline of knowledge through RACs. The below table denotes the RACs required to be promoted to certain benchmark ranks:

RankRequired RACs
E5 (CPL Grade I)RACs C and E
E7 (SSG Grade I)RACs A, C, E, and P
E8 (SFC Grade I)RACs A, C, E, H, P, and MP Background Check

The statutes above may be edited on the authority of Republic High Command at any time.
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