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Republic High Command
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Statute III: Chain of Command

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:37 pm

STATUTE III: Chain of Command

SECTION I. General Information

The structure of the Grand Army of the Republic is split into various levels of command and various battalions that contribute at all levels to the general runnings of the organization. In the general, personnel are required to follow chain of command within their battalion so as to ensure smooth operation and to avoid disciplinary action.

The chain of command for any battalion, from bottom to top, may be generalized as:
Commander Sergeant Major (CSM)
Executive Officer (XO)
Battalion Commander (B-Cdr)
The full chain of command for the Grand Army of the Republic is displayed below in flowchart form:

SECTION II. Grand Army of the Republic Command
Subsection A. Supreme Grand Army of the Republic Command
The Republic High Command (RHC) is the supreme command of the Grand Army of the Republic, presides over the Grand Army as a whole and sets all direction, as the governing party for all operations. It consists of the following commanders:

  • Supreme Commander of the Republic Army (SCRA) - 1iC
  • Deputy Commander of the Republic Army (DCRA) - 2iC, reports to SCRA
  • Republic Field Commander (RFC) - 3iC, reports to DCRA

Subsection B. Republic Battalion Command
Republic Battalion Command (RBC) consists of Commanding Officers (CO) preside over a specific Grand Army battalion, and reports to the Regiment Commander (R-Cdr). All RBC members act as the joint 4iC of the Grand Army of the Republic and are the 1iC for their respective battalions. They are as follows:

  • Commander of the 1st Mobile Reconnaissance Battalion (CO 1st) 
  • Commander of the 20th Logistics & Communications Battalion (CO 20th) 
  • Commander of the 82nd Army Administration Battalion (CO 82nd)
  • Commander of the 99th Army Security Forces Battalion (CO 99th) 
  • Commander of the 322nd Training & Development Battalion (CO 322nd) 

SECTION III. Battalion Command
Each battalion consists of the following command structure, from top to bottom:

  • Commanding Officer (CO) - reports to R-Cdr
  • Executive Officer (XO) - reports to Battalion Commander
  • Command Sergeant Major (CSM) - reports to XO

Some battalions have multiple XOs and CSMs, and might name them differently depending on the battalion structure and needs. Precise names may be found in the flowchart from Section I. All XOs must be of the rank O1 (Second Lieutenant) or higher to be fully appointed to the post and receive all privileges; CSMs must be of the rank E8. Regular battalion members are to report to their CSM if E5-E10, and to their XO if O1+. Bypassing this process may result in disciplinary action per Order 2.

The statutes above may be edited on the authority of Republic High Command at any time.
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