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Statute II: Disciplinary System

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:39 pm

Grand Army of the Republic
STATUTE II: Disciplinary System

SECTION I. Punitive Articles
Article 1. Inability to Serve
General inability to uphold the values and standards of the Republic Army.

Article 2. Inability to Maintain Bearing
Acts of disrespect and/or misconduct while representing the Republic Army on home or foreign soil.

Article 3. Inability to Follow Laws or Orders
Acts that directly and intently violate written statutes and ordinances (including orders for dress), lawful officer orders, or reasonable requests made by superior-ranked personnel.

Article 4. Infringement of the Habbo Way
Acts that directly violate the Habbo Way or Terms of Service as written and displayed by Sulake.

Article 5. Harassment/Discrimination
Acts of aggressive and deliberate persecution, intimidation, coercion, etc. made on the basis of personal identity or circumstances, as fully outlined in Statute I Section I.

Article 6. Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL)
Failure to log into the Habbo client for 10 consecutive days (E1-E4), or 14 consecutive days (E5+) without filing for official leave.

Article 7. Desertion and/or Double Jobbing
Leaving Imperial Navy personnel identification badges without formally terminating service; participating in service at another agency or military organization without formally terminating service.

Article 8. Deceit
Successful or unsuccessful attempts to intentionally misrepresent the truth for personal gain or the gain of others, evade the disciplinary and justice system through extralegal means, or otherwise withhold the full truth from the governing authority.

Article 9. Evasion of Justice
Acts that show disregard for the disciplinary and justice system by attempting to terminate service at the Republic Army within a 1 week (7 day) period of receiving any number of disciplinary infractions.

Article 10. Abuse of Authority/Fraternization
Acts, committed by any member of any rank or position, that take unfair or undue advantage of authority or position in order to facilitate corrupt or unjustified acts, whether or not this facilitation is done in consideration of personal bias.

Article 11. Treason
Acts that betray the Republic Army and/or the sanctity of its structure or command, including (but not limited to) attempts to undermine or overthrow any level of command, or violation of sworn secrecy by any member of any rank or position.

SECTION II. Infraction Classes and Authority
Violation of any of the above punitive articles or statutes/ordinances of the Republic Army may result in the issuance of an infraction to the violating parties. The below table outlines the classes of infractions, from lowest to highest:

InfractionAssociated punishmentIssuing authority
Class ADishonorable dischargeCO 99th, RHC members
Class BDemotionXO/MP 99th, CO 99th, RHC members
Class C14 day promotion lock99th MP command, RBC members
Class DWritten warning99th MP members
Upon receiving an infraction, personnel will receive a forum PM regarding the incident from an MP member, and will have the opportunity to appeal as outlined in the forum PM. The receipt of any infraction class may disallow personnel from applying to various departments or retaining their Battalion membership, dependent on Battalion-specific policy.

Multiple infractions of lower classes compile automatically into higher classes. 3 Class D infractions will result in the issuance of a Class C; 2 Class C will result in a Class B; and 3 Class B will result in a Class A. However, infractions of Class C and D are archived and no longer compile after 5 weeks from the date of issuance, but remain on the individual's record.

Non-judicial punishment in the form of demotions or discharges may be issued by commissioned officers for Articles 1, 2, and 3. Violation of any other articles requires formal due process by 99th MP and its command, as well as any other governing authorities necessary for the issuance of proper justice.

The statutes above may be edited at discretion of Republic High Command at any time.
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