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Statute I: General Ordinance

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:41 pm

Grand Army of the Republic
STATUTE I: General Ordinance

SECTION I. Rights and Limitations
Subsection A. Personnel Rights and Nondiscrimination
The Grand Army of the Republic, and all of its component departments and personnel, does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), and/or disability in any of its activities or operations. No tolerance will be afforded in cases of discrimination.

All personnel are afforded the rights to free speech and free expression, so long as that speech/oppression does not violate other Republic statutes/ordinances and does not offend, infringe upon the comfort and/or safety of, or discriminate against other personnel. In addition, the Grand Army of the Republic  personnel shall be protected by the appropriate governing party from retaliation against them carried out by superiors whom they have reported legitimate breaches of ordinance against.

Subsection B. Conduct and General HQ Guidelines
While on the Grand Army’s premises, all personnel must display the Friends and Supporters badge (if E1-E4) or the Personnel badge (E5+) owned by STARWARS-HQ; display correct motto in concordance with the PTS and Statute IV; and wear full correct uniform in concordance with Statute V, regardless of rank and/or position.

All visitors to SW-HQ rooms and properties are subject to the following conduct guidelines:

  • Act respectfully and with consideration for others.
  • All individuals must follow all statutes and lawful officer orders; personnel must additionally follow all naval procedures.
  • Refrain from sitting on the floor, loitering in work areas, dancing (including :jump/:habnam/:moonwalk), using signs/cards, and/or using effects of any kind.
  • Refrain from using colored chat (except if actively working in a duty position or O1+ issuing an order), spamming, and/or excessive vulgarity.

Rights to the Republic headquarters are given and reviewed at Republic High Command (RHC) discretion only, with an O5 rank minimum, and may be revoked at any time. Rights holders are strictly prohibited from issuing kicks/bans/mutes without proper reasoning, and from moving/rotating furniture without RHC authorisation. Cases of intentional trashing should be reported directly and immediately to the RHC, unless the one of the RHC members is suspected, in which case the incident should be reported to the Marshal Commander.

Subsection C. VIP Information and Guidelines
VIP membership is available for purchase for 50 credits, payable to any badge administrator (star next to name on member list). Individuals who have been dishonourably discharged without potential for appeal from the Grand Army of the Republic at any point are not eligible to purchase VIP. VIP privileges may be revoked at any time by badge administrators with no refund whatsoever.

In addition to the guidelines listed in Subsection B above, VIPs may not issue orders or instructions to any Republic personnel at any point, or use their HQ access to impersonate personnel. They additionally may not roam in the lower level working area outside VIP area, and must display the VIP badge on their profile at all points during their visit to the Grand Army of the Republic premises.

The Jedi VIP package is available for purchase for 150 credits, payable to any badge administrator (star next to name on member list). Jedi hold all the privileges of normal VIPs, and are additionally granted VIP forum access, VIP Discord access, and the right to choose and use an appropriate and ordinance-abiding Jedi name in HQ/on the forums. They may additionally enter through the sentry gates of HQ, provided they are wearing their Jedi badge and refrain from lingering on the work floor. Jedi names will be documented at the bottom of the PTS, accessible by personnel.

All personnel O1+ are granted the privilege of VIP area access. Retired officers may be granted free VIP after retirement on (CO 82nd)/RHC discretion. RBC and RHC members may be granted VIP badge membership on the Marshal Commanders discretion; otherwise no personnel are permitted to hold the VIP badge while employed by the Republic Army.

SECTION II. Discord and Forum Communication
Personnel of the rank E5 (CPL) and higher are granted access to the Grand Army of the Republic's forums and Discord server. All communications on these platforms must remain PG-13 and free of sexual, discriminatory, offensive, and/or overtly vulgar content. No personal information may be displayed on either the forum or Discord profile; personal information includes but is not limited to:

  • Last name (first names are permissible)
  • Personal email (personnel must use an email of the format usernameswhq(at), where the provider is preferably Gmail)
  • Phone number
  • Profile pictures including an individual's real face/body/other information
  • Social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.

All personnel eligible are encouraged to utilize both of these platforms to further engage with the Grand Army of the Republic. Forum and Discord participation are required for personnel who wish to join a battalion or gain appointment to a command position. Discord users must format their nickname such that it only displays their rank and Habbo username.

The HC reserves all rights for the creation and moderation of forum/Discord users, boards, topics, channels, and special powers. In general, RBC members are awarded selected Discord moderation rights; forum moderation rights are determined by the individual board and its purpose. These rights may be revoked at any time if misused. RHC members additionally reserve the right to revoke access to both forums and Discord if deemed necessary.

SECTION III. Foreign Policy and Warfare
Subsection A. Alliance Terms
Any alliance agreements are to be held and signed by of the 1iC and the top foreign representative (TFR) of both parties. Terms of the affiliation are set by both parties and shall be included in detail within the contractual agreement. Alliances with the Grand Army of the Republic are open to both militaries and agencies across the agency floor.

If any organisation is interested in approaching the Republic for an alliance, they may contact any 1st command member (CO 1st, XO 1st or CSM 1st). However, only the CO 1st and RHC members can officially negotiate and commence any alliances. Any 1st member may be contacted to relay information to the CO 1st; Republic personnel not part of the RHC or 1st battalion are not permitted to make any negotiations, statements, agreements etc. with foreign/external entities. The Republic does not engage in recognition of organisations other than formal alliances at this time.

Termination of an alliance is only to occur with the notification of both parties' 1iC and TFR. The only exception of this protocol is the declaration of war, wherein the alliance agreement is terminated immediately.

Subsection B. Personnel Action in Foreign Presence
As aforementioned, no members outside of 1st command and RHC may discuss, deliberate, or negotiate alliances. Any inquiries as to the Grand Army of the Republic, any of its operations, and/or any of its constituent personnel that are not on public record shall be directed to a member of 1st battalion command, who will forward the request as is necessary. Personnel are barred from completing surveys, interviews, or questionnaires with foreign organisations without the explicit approval of the CO 1st or RHC.

Subsection C. Warfare Mandates and Limitations
The Grand Army of the Republic may under extreme circumstances be unable to resolve conflicts through diplomacy and as a result may enter a state of war. Only the M-Cdr may issue a declaration of war; no individuals except the RHC, CO 99th, and CO 1st may make official statements on behalf of the Grand Army of the Republic regarding foreign affairs and/or states of war.

In the condition that the Grand Army of the Republic is in a declared state of war, the CO 99th and CO 1st are charged with carrying out joint operations to achieve peace under the direction of RHC. Personnel may be asked to serve in operations at any point, and shall be excused from regular duties for the duration of their service in those operations. No individual may carry out unauthorised acts of war or related aggression, punishable by dishonourable discharge under Order 2.

The Grand Army of the Republic strongly and vicariously denounces all acts of illegal warfare, including (but not limited to) DDoS attacks, doxing, and account hacking with no tolerance. Any member of the Grand Army of the Republic regardless of rank or position, found to be carrying out illegal acts of war will be immediately dishonourably discharged with no potential for appeal.

The statutes above may be edited on the authority of Republic High Command at any time.
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