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Process for Transfers and Discharge Appeals

on Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:48 pm

Process for Transfers and Discharge Appeals

SECTION I. Transfers
Subsection A. General Provisions
The Grand Army of the Republic welcomes transferees from both agencies and militaries, and classes selectees by rank group (NCO-Sel, Cdt-Sel, and CO-Sel) until assigned a final rank and fully integrated into the Imperial Navy. Transfers are facilitated by the 82nd Army Administration Battalion and overseen by the CO 82nd, as well as the 82nd command team. Individuals wishing to transfer into the Grand Army of the Republic should seek an 82nd member on Habbo, or visit the transfer desk in HQ, where they will then be asked for further information on their experience and expectations.

Transferees are required to have sufficient experience to be offered a selectee rank; 82nd Army Administration Battalion reserves the right to deny transfers for this reason, including in cases where claimed experience is not verifiable. Lying on transfer documents is punishable under Order 2. Transferees with agency experience only are not eligible for CO-Sel and are automatically given NCO-Sel with verification from 82nd command discretion based on performance. An individual is required to have completed an officer commissioning school at a military to be considered for CO-Sel; however, this completion does not guarantee CO-Sel. Any one individual may only be permitted 3 transfer attempts into the Grand Army of the Republic, including both denials and acceptances, across all aliases and alternate accounts. Attempts past 3 total will be automatically denied.

Subsection B. Selectee Requirements
To be assigned a final rank, selectees must complete a set of minimum requirements based on their selectee rank, in order to display performance, capabilities, and knowledge of the Imperial Navy and military operation in general. These requirements are as follows:

4 days service as selectee
Completion of RACs E and A
7 days service as selectee
Completion of Combined Academy Course
Completion of MP background check
Completion of Officer Candidate School Course
14 days service as selectee
Completion of Combined Academy Course
Completion of MP background check
Special Examination by the joint committee (RHC & RBC)
Commitment and activity above these mandates is one of multiple criteria utilized by 82nd Battalion in determining final rank for a selectee. Exam scores for CO-Sel are a large portion of the final rank decision.

Subsection C. Transfer Authority
Members of the Grand Army of the Republic outside of 82nd Battalion and RHC are not permitted to authorize/initiate transfers or issue final ranks, unless explicitly permitted to do so by an RHC member. Furthermore, regular 82nd members may only authorize transfers at the NCO-Sel level and may not issue final ranks. Transfers at the O-Cdt level must be authorized by both the CO 82nd and the Regimental Commander. 82nd command and RHC members reserve the rights to issue final ranks to selectees and to modify selectee ranks based on performance, experience verification, and/or conduct. Selectees may be dismissed from the program by 82nd command if they take too long to complete the minimum requirements.

SECTION II. Discharge Appeals
Individuals dishonorably discharged from the Grand Army of the Republic may fill an appeal form, to be sent directly to and deliberated upon by the Regimental Commander (and other SNC members if necessary). The Regimental Commander reserves the right to deny appeals, postpone appeal decisions, and determine reinstatement packages for approved appeals as necessary. Appeals may not be sent prior to 7 days from the date of discharge. A maximum of 2 dishonorable discharges may be appealed successfully; after which the individual will no longer be permitted chance for employment at the Grand Army of the Republic.

The appeal form may be found here. The CO 99th or Regimental Commander may be contacted regarding the result of an appeal 48 hours following the submission.
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