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HQ Protocol

on Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:50 pm

HQ Protocol

Summary of HQ areas and associated guidelines:

AreaPersonnel restrictionNotes
Deck Supervisor (DS)E7+ with IAC HOccupy after 2 personnel are on the front row
DS should give orders in Non-HC green chat
DS should call attentions in Non-HC red chat
Training PenE5+ certified instructor
Transfer desk82nd members, BC+
Hallway AirlockCertified instructor
Resting areaNoneMay be asked to fill work stations at any time
O1-O4 (conditional)
O5+ (unrestricted)
Conditional junior officer access: O1-O4 only permitted VIP access when 2 personnel are on the front and a DS is active
AFK rowNoneUse when tabbed out of Habbo, on forums, away, etc.

SECTION II. Attention and Reporting Procedures
Subsection A. Attentions
Attentions may be called only by commissioned officers and the current Deck Supervisor (DS), with sufficient reason. If another individual needs an attention to be called, they should ask an active officer; the DS may only call attentions for entering officers or RACs. Attentions must be called in bold, red chat; any attention called by an officer must be echoed by the DS. A regular attention requires those on the front row, DS, and info desk to stand directly behind their seats; an attention on deck requires all personnel to stand directly behind their seats.

Officers entering the HQ receive attentions, unless they call for the DS to carry on before stepping off the sentry rollers. Junior officers (O1-O4) receive regular attentions, while senior officers (O5+) receive attentions on deck.

The following general guidelines apply to all attentions:

  • Personnel should refrain from moving, typing, and/or turning once they have stood up, and only speak when directly spoken to or asked to speak.
  • Personnel not standing at attention should still respect the silence and refrain from speaking out loud.
  • Officers that outrank the officer calling an attention are not strictly required to stand, but should still do so out of respect.

Subsection B. Reporting
Officers that wish to promote other personnel or offer command position appointments may call personnel to report to them following an attention. The process is as follows:

  1. Officer calls attention.
  2. Officer asks for the individual to report. (example: "SSG Jim400, report.")
  3. Individual stands directly in front of the officer, faces them, and salutes (waves).
  4. Officer returns the salute and delivers the promotion/appointment.
  5. Officer dismisses the individual.
  6. Individual returns to their seat, still standing at attention.
  7. Officer calls to carry on.

SECTION III. Proper Address
While on Imperial Navy premises, personnel are required to address other personnel properly, adhering to the below guidelines:
Rank groupAddressal by superior/equal personnelAddressal by lower-ranked personnel
Officer (O1+)[Rank] [Username][Username] [sir/ma'am] or [Rank] [Username] [sir/ma'am]
O-Cdt[Rank] [Username][Username] [sir/ma'am] or [Rank] [Username] [sir/ma'am]
Enlisted and NCO (E1-E10)[Rank] [Username][Rank] [Username]

When addressing personnel by rank, the following generalizations must be used in place of the rank:
PVT, PFCPrivate
SSG, SFC, MSG, CSMSergeant
2LT, 1LTLieutenant
B-Cdr, R-Cdr, S-Cdr, M-CdrCommander
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