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Incident Reporting

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:42 pm

Incident Reporting

In the event that Grand Army of the Republic orders, ordinances, and/or lawful orders are breached, it is the responsibility of the individual(s) who witnessed the incident to properly report it, such that the appropriate authority may issue punishment accordingly. The Incident Report Form (IRF) must be filled by both GAR personnel and personnel employed at foreign organizations in the following situations:

  • GAR personnel breach statutes, ordinances, and/or lawful orders (referred to MP, 99th Battalion)
  • GAR personnel engage in misconduct in foreign organizations (referred to 1st Battalion)
  • Personnel employed at foreign organizations engage in misconduct on GAR property (referred to 1st Battalion)
  • IN officer O1+ issues non-judicial punishment (NJP) per the guidelines set in Order 2 (referred to MP, 99th Battalion)

The authority to which an incident is referred to is determined by the type of incident; all incidents, however, will be referred to all other necessary authorities in order to carry out proper justice. In the fourth case, failure to report NJP issued within 24 hours will result in an automatic Class D infraction at minimum.

The form may be found at this link. Failure to include proper evidence and/or witnesses of an incident will result in the IRF being thrown out immediately; falsification or misrepresentation of the truth will incur disciplinary action under Order 2. The IRF is managed by the CO 99th and XO MP, 99th; however, if no response or follow-up is sent out 48 hours after submission, the CO 99th or CO 1st may be contacted depending on the incident's nature, as noted above.
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